Electronic Cigarettes


Made by Eliquid Australia Pty Ltd, an ISO 9001:2008 certified entity. Produced with strict quality standards using Pharma Grade PG, VG and Nicotine. Best vapour, throat hit and flavour!.

Electronic Cigarettes


Soulblu electronic cigarettes were the first to comply with “Australian and New Zealand approval for Electrical Safety”. For your peace of mind only use C-tick approved electronics only!.

Electronic Cigarettes


Soulblu responds to your enquiries within 24 hours. Contact us by phone (03) 9078 0538, email support@soulblu.co.nz or through our Online Chat Mon-Saturday!.

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2 business days delivery to Metro Areas of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane.
Up to 5 business days delivery anywhere else in Australia.

Tobacco Free Electronic Cigarettes in New Zealand

Thousands of people in New Zealand, Australia, Europe and United States who have switched to E-Cigarettes are 100% satisfied. Its success is due to the fact that ex-smokers can still enjoy the tactile, visual and taste like effect from vaping a tobacco free electronic cigarette.

It’s never too late to start a tobacco free life, you are not the first to give electronic cigarettes a go, but now you are going to be the next person to kick the smoking habit for good. No other products have been so successful, only this tobacco free version of cigarettes can satisfy your cravings, still giving you the emotional reliance to hold something in your hand, inhale and exhale clouds of vapour which you can see coming out of your mouth, feel and taste as it goes down your throat.

Freedom and Health! This is all Electronic Cigarettes are About!

Freedom to choose when to switch from smoking to vaping, freedom of doing something you enjoy without bad health consequences, freedom of using tobacco free electronic cig anywhere smoking is not permitted without causing harm to bystanders, freedom to manage and control the addition to nicotine and off course the freedom of being yourself without feeling guilty.

Health is life and happiness. Get started and you immediately start noticing big positive changes to your health. We hear everyday testimonials from Soulblu customers who assure they can breath and sleep much better, they can smell and taste food 100% better, walk up a hill or upstairs without coughing and puffing, the colours on their face, teeth, mouth and fingers have turned to normal.

While stinky tobacco cigarettes contain 5,300 bad chemicals, Soulblu tobacco free electronic cigarettes contain propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine, which are both safer ingredients.

Enjoy The Freedom, Kick the Smoking Habit, Start Vaping Today!