About Us

Soulblu New Zealand responsibility is to provide our customers with a socially responsible product, as well as, trendy, stylish and modern look;  rather than selling an unhealthy traditional, harmful and stinky cigarette that damage your health and that of your family and friends.

Even though we supply Flavoured and unflavoured Nicotine eliquid, we keep our responsibility with our customers and work inline with the local laws and regulation in New Zealand and other countries.

Soulblu New Zealand is now supplying Flavoured Nicotine eliquids mainly because we have had many requests for Nicotine from our customers, which currently have switched to Electronic Cigarettes and want the option to mix “Don eliquids” range of eLiquids with Nicotine.

Soulblu NZ do not sell or supply Nicotine e-liquids or Flavoured Nicotine e-liquids to the New Zealand market, please go to www.soulblu.com/nicotine4export or sales@soulblu.com if you are are resident of New Zealand looking for Nicotine products.


Our Philosophy

We commit our effort to help smokers that are or have tried to give up smoking to switch to this alternative “Electronic Cigarettes”, leaving aside the worries about future consequences on health, second hand smoke effects, and the bad smell, stained teeth, tar and combustion caused by traditional cigarettes.

Start a better life, guilt free !

Kind Regards,

Soulblu NZ