Quick Newbies guide

Smokers typically are skeptical and always look for more information prior to switching to vaping. This is a quick guide for newcomers getting their very first questions about e-cigarettes answered.

Vaping is for smokers: Personal Vaporizers -PV- are a great option for smokers looking for a safer alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes.

What is a Personal Vaporiser?

Also known as ecigarettes; ecigs are a battery-powered device “available for adults” that heats an eliquid into a vapour for inhalation, simulating smoking.

Vaping is NOT smoking.

These are some of the benefit from Vaping:

  • Vaping is 95% safer than smoking,
  • Harm to bystanders is negligible,
  • Cheaper than smoking: spend as little as $15 fortnightly.
  • Vaping do not cause smoking related cancers or heart diseases,
  • Vapers don’t smell like an ashtray.

Are e-liquid ingredients safe?

YES, some of the ingredients mixed in the vaping juices are typically used in Pharmaceutical and Food industries. These are:

  • Propylene Glycol PG,
  • Vegetable glycerine VG,
  • Food Flavours,
  • Diluted nicotine: Currently illegal to be sold in Australia. But could be legally imported for personal use.

What is the best PV (ecig) for you?

There are so many types of PV (ecigarettes) designed to suit different customers’ needs and preferences. Whatever size, brand, style you choose is a good start.

Please read more about: Newbies guide and advanced guide

Remember! The main point is to know how to operate and maintain your device properly, as well as, to source the right juice flavor for you, from reputable manufacturers.

What about DUAL use?

Continuous DUAL use is not ideal, it hinders your progress to a full conversion to non-tobacco. This tip has worked for others:

  • Day One: 2 cigarettes, while vaping.
  • Day Two: 1 cigarette while aggressive vaping.
  • Day three-Four: Aggressive Vaping, No Tobacco.
  • End of Day Five: try a smoke. See if you still like it.

What about nicotine?

Currently nicotine is classed as an LD-50 poison, same as Vitamin D. Although you could buy Vitamin D over the counter, the same does not apply to diluted nicotine E-liquids.

So, you could import it for personal use. Importers must hold a prescription from a registered Australian GP.