eCigarettes guide

Are you looking for an alternative to tobacco cigarettes and still want to be able to get the throat hit from vaping nicotine e-Liquids, then is the right place to be!

Our variety of flavoured Nicotine is compatible with the “Soulblu and other brands” of  Electronic Cigarettes, which are also available at

Nail it down, simply vape!

1. You need an electronic cigarette starter kit

If you have not got one starter pack, what are you waiting for?  Get one by following this link Choose the right ecigs starter pack that suits your smoking habits the best:

The Starter packs available at do not contain nicotine. But still we suggest you try non nicotine electronic cigarettes during a week to experience inhaling, exhaling vapour and the tactile action when vaping.

 2. You need nicotine

If you are still craving smokes or/and having nicotine withdrawal when vaping non nicotine electronic cigarettes, then choose cartomisers containing nicotine or e-liquids containing nicotine.

  • Nicotine prefilled cartomisers, the most convenient and easiest way of nicotine delivery. The cartomisers are already prefilled with nicotine, including Menthol, Tobacco and Marlboro flavours; all you have to do is screw the cartomisers to the battery and vape it!
  • Flavoured nicotine e liquids, the increasing range of flavoured nicotine give you more options to delight your palate vaping your favourite flavours. Nicotine e liquids are also the most economic option, since a 30ml bottle cost $18 and last up to 2 weeks. Note: With this option you also need to get: Empty refillable cartomisers and a refill kit.

3. You are in control

You can always control how much nicotine you are going to vape in your e cigarettes. Whichever level of Nicotine you decide to start with, it is recommended to bring one nicotine level down once you are prepared, as the purpose when you switch to electronic cigarettes is to be free from any addictions, but in a progressive and easier way.

4. Enjoy vaping, guilt free ecigs:

Since you decided to switch to electronic cigarettes and stop smoking, now your life will be free of odors, Combustion, Tar, and the +4,400 chemicals. Anywhere you go bring your electronic cigarette and be proud of vaping at pubs, restaurants, casinos, working place or simply anywhere smoking is being banned. Before you leave home put it in your pocket, lanyard or hand bag, make it part of your life like a mobile phone, a wallet or jewellery.

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