Guide to MTL and DTL nicotine e-liquid ?

MTl and DTL eliquids

Before buying your nicotine e-liquids we highly suggest understanding the difference between MTL “Mouth to Lung” and DTL “Direct to Lung”.

 MTL, Mouth to  Lung Vaping

This style of vaping is defined by the way you take a puff, it is an identical draw style to a traditional tobacco cigarette. The vapour is drawn gently into the mouth to linger for just a moment before being inhaled generally with a slightly open mouth. Because of its similarity to a traditional cigarette it is an ideal starting place for someone first trying vaping.

MTL Atomizers

  • Mouth to Lung atomizers generally use coils that range in resistance from 0.5Ω to 2.0Ω,
  • MTL coils are generally smaller than DTL coils,
  • They produce smaller less obtrusive clouds, nicer in public settings,
  • They can be the easiest option for the transition from traditional cigarettes to vaping.
  • Recommended Eliquid: MTL eliquid.

MTL e-liquids

  • Mouth to lung e-liquids have a thinner consistency due to the lower amount of Vegetable glycerin and higher amount of propylene glycol. Typically they contain PG/VG Ratio:  60/40, 50/50 or 40/60,
  • Generally they have nicotine strengths from 6-18mg or salt nicotine from 6-50mg,

DTL, Direct to Lung

This vaping style is again defined by the way we take a puff, essentially it is like taking a deep breath. This style of vaping produces large, warm, dense, flavourful clouds but is far less intuitive for someone just starting out. However, it is loved by the vaping community as it provides an intensely flavoured and very satisfying experience. Unless you are sure this style excites you it is not a starting point in your vape journey we recommend.

DTL Atomizers

  • Direct to Lung atomizers use coils that range from 0.1Ω to 0.9Ω,
  • DTL coils are normally bigger than MTL coils,
  • They produce big, thick, warm, densely flavoured clouds (exhale a smaller weather system),
  • Very satisfy vape experience,
  • Recommended e-liquid: DTL eliquid.

DTL e-liquids

  • Direct to lung e-liquids are a lot thicker than MTL e-juices, due to it’s high content of Vegetable glycerin and lower percentage of  propylene glycol. Typically they contain PG/VG Ratio:  30/70 and 20/80,
  • They use low nicotine strength juices 1-6mg and it is not recommended to use salt nicotine in these atomizers.

Things to note

  • DO NOT use MTL eliquid in a DTL Atomiser. this will produce a nasty flavour, generally described as burning, harsh, chemically dry hit on your throat. It will also cause a quicker deterioration of your coils.
  • DO NOT use DTL eliquid in a MTL atomiser, this will make the e-juice hard to vape; as a result from drawing to hard, you might get e-liquid in your mouth.

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