Whenever you install a new coil you will want to make sure you prime it before using it. Priming a coil will ensure that the wick is fully saturated with e-juice prior to its first use. This would substantially lower down the risk of burning the wick or damaging the coil.

Steps to prime your coils

Add 4-5 drops of e-liquid directly into the coil head, close the airflow switch, then refill the tank as per instructions (Top or bottom filled). Prior to attaching the tank to the battery/MOD lightly blow air through the mouthpiece 3- 5 times.

Make sure the airflow switch located at the bottom of the tank is closed before refilling it with e-liquid. If the airflow switch is left open, the tank might leak e-liquid while priming the coils.  

Open the airflow soon after priming, wait 3 – 5 minutes to allow the cotton inside the coil to get soaked in eliquid — then vape.