triton 2 and nautilus glass replacement

Aspire Nautilus mini glass replacement

From: $ 7.60

Original Aspire replacement glass for:

Aspire Nautilus mini tank: fully glass.

Aspire Triton 2 tanks: fully glass or stainless steel casing.

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Product Description

Aspire glass replacement are the option when you want to replace the glass without buying a full Aspire tank.

You can replace the glass part for different tanks including: Aspire Nautilus mini, Aspire Triton 2.

There are situations when you will need to install a new Aspire glass replacement tanks: the tank has been shipped, cracked or totally broken. Please be aware although some tanks will last up to 3 months when you maintain them as per manufacturers instructions, you might need to replace the whole tank system prior to three months.

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Nautilus Mini, Triton 2 – glass, Triton 2 – Stainless steel casing