- Coil head replacements for refillable cartomisers, clearomisers and glassomisers such as; SB6 Clearomisers, iClear 30s clearomiser, Aspire Nautilus 5ml and mini, and Aspire Triton mini and Triton II, Kangertech Top Box Nano tank.

– Replacing coil heads periodically is necessary to keep your cartomiser, clearomiser, glassomiser, tank system performing properly and keeping the flavour of e-liquid fresh and tasting like the first time.

– Make sure you wash your cartomisers, clearomisers, glassomiser or tank systems every time you replace the coil head, using hot water under the tap, but keep the coil head and bottom base away from water, as it will make it extremely hard to draw vapour if it is wet.

– Priming your Coil Head: prime all new coil heads. When you first refill the tank, take several draws (about 6 times) without power to bring e-liquid into the coil head. Priming any new Coil Heads prevents its premature deterioration and avoids dry and burnt hits.