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Soulblu Caballero e cigarette kit

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Contains: 2 x 900mAh Batteries, SB6 clearomiser refillable, cone cover, wall charger, USB cable, lanyard, gift box and instructions.

Bigger size, longer battery hours greater vapour production ! Is it safe to use Soulblu Caballero? Soulblu only supplies Australian Made e-liquids, which give the peace of mind you need, and our kits comply with Australian and New Zealand Electrical Safety Standards. Check the C-Tick approval when you buy your electronics, don’t risk it!

Recharge Caballero batteries using Soulblu Caballero USB cable and Soulblu Wall Charger.

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Product Description

An E-cigarettes with Attitude!

The Soulblu caballero II e-Cigarette is the bad boy of all E-Cigs!
With it’s tough design and incredible battery life this e-cig won’t let you down. Boasting an amazing 15 – 18 hour battery life the Soulblu Caballero is suited for smokers who usually smoke over 25 cigarettes per day. The Soulblu Caballero is designed to use e-liquids but still caters for those who enjoy prefilled cartomisers.

Make the switch today. It’s a safer alternative to smoking and with a wide flavor selection you’ll never get tired of your Soulblu Caballero!

Cut out over 4,400 toxic chemicals !!! Start TODAY

Is it Safe to use Soulblu Caballero?

1. Soulblu Caballero comply with Australian and New Zealand Electrical Safety Standards, which give you the confidence to vape without hazards. Don’t buy e-cigarettes without a C-Tick, Be safe, Be confident vaping!

2. The e liquids included with the kit (or sold in this website) are Australia Made. So, you can feel confident vaping, since we test, make and improve our e-liquids locally.

The Soulblu Caballero Kit includes:
* Two Batteries (900 mAh), *One SB6 empty/refillable cartomiser (tank version), *One cone cover, *One USB cable and one wall charger, *lanyard, *One Soulblu Caballero hard gift box and * instruction manual.

Recommended Prefilled Cartomiser Size:  Caballero prefilled cartomisers

WARNING: Charging Soulblu batteries with other chargers other than the ones provided by Soulblu will damage the batteries and void its warranty. Only charge Soulblu Caballero batteries using Soulblu Caballero USB cable and Soulblu Wall Charger supplied with your e cigarette starter kit. Alternatively you can use “Soulblu Car Charger” connected to the Soulblu Caballero USB cable. Make sure you dry any mist off the battery fitting before you screw Soulblu Caballero USB cable, by using a cotton butt or the corner of a paper tower. This avoids accumulation of e-liquid which might short your batteries.


Caballero II kit includes an SB6 refillable tank. Unlike SB5 (previous version) which was top filled, SB6 tank get refilled through the bottom.


-Refilling with e-liquid: Unscrew the bottom base, hold the tank upside-down and pour the e-liquid around the sides. Do not put the liquid in the centre tube, as it will go straight to the mouthpiece and leak.

-Turning the battery on/off: press three (3) times consecutively the diamond button.

-Priming the coil: after refilling the tank wait 5 minutes before you start vaping and inhale 5 times with the battery switched off to allow the coil getting soaked with the eliquid.


– Do not overfill SB6 clearomisers.
– Clean excess of juice inside battery fitting before recharging them.
– Replace SB6 Coil Head weekly or if vaping tastes burnt, amount of vapour decrease or e liquid turn darker than normal.
– Wash SB6 clearomiser weekly using hot tap water, before replacing coil head.

– Do not charge caballero II batteries with other charging devices different from Soulblu Caballero USB cable and Soulblu Wall plug.

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