Soulblu starter kit for newbies
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Soulblu Nano II starter kit

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The Soulblu Nano II kits contains the simplistic Soulblu Nano II refillable system, with a slimmed down 9mm diameter. Featuring a disposable leakproof tank, the Soulblu Nano II is easy to use and convenient to carry thanks to its basic design and slender size. Refilling e-liquid is effortlessly achieved by unscrewing the mouth piece, and powering the device on or off can be done by  simply holding the button. The Soulblu Nano II comes in a variety of colours to suit every style.

Contains: 1x Nano II battery, 2x Nano II tanks, 10ml sample of 12mg nicotine juice, 1x USB Cable, 10ml refilling bottle, 1x Users Manual.

Soulblu Nano II ecigarette kit

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10ml sample of 12mg e-liquid

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Wall charger 5V-1A

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10ml refilling bottle

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Product Description


Ideal starter kit for new users

Tank Capacity: 1ml e-liquid

240 mAh battery capacity

Battery Output 3.8V

Ecig Dimensions: 9mm x 146mm


1. Refilling Soulblu Nano II clearomisers: Unscrew the black mouthpiece, refill with maximum 1ml of eliquid putting the needle point bottle into the edge of Nano II clearomiser. Screw mouthpiece back.

2. Replacing Soulblu Nano II: be aware you need to replace (dispose the old nano II) Nano II Clearomiser every 5 days, once a slightly burnt flavour appears or if it stops working.


1. Clean (dry) the threaded fitting of Nano II batteries at least 4 times a day to avoid batteries getting shorted with the moist produced by vaporising the eliquids.

2. Charge Soulblu Nano II batteries using Soulblu USB and Soulblu Wall plug chargers.