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Paul Maul tobacco nicotine

Soulblu Nicotine e-Liquid Paul Mall

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P.M tobacco is for those who seek a tobacco flavoured eliquid that resembles the strong robust flavour of Pallmal cigarettes brand. Although is strong, P.M  tobacco has been designed to be an all-day vape for smokers who enjoy this unique tobacco flavour.

Classic Nicotine eliquid

  • Mixing ratio: 55/45 PG/VG.
  • Strengths: Low 6mg, Med 12mg, High 18mg.
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Product Description

Nicotine Sub-ohms and ready to vape guidance


Paul Maul nicotine e-liquid is made in Australia by Eliquid Australia p/l, an ISO 9001:2015 certified company for its Quality Management System. Manufactured in a proper clean laboratory, using high quality ingredients and sophisticated equipment.

Paul Maul nicotine e-liquid have been designed, tested and manufactured to suit most vapers palate. The e-liquid we offer are so close to the real flavour of fruit, sweets, tobacco cigarettes, etc, however every person has different taste buds making the strength and sweetness of certain flavours subjective.

If you would like to boost the flavour, please add few drops of our concentrates. If you want a milder taste, dilute the flavour down using PG/VG unflavoured base.

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High, Medium, Low