6mg Unflavoured nicotine eliquid
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Flavourless 6mg | 0.6% nicotine ready to vape or mixing

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Nicotine strenght:  6mg / 0.6% Unflavoured nicotine base. Sizes: 50ml and 100ml.

These unflavoured nicotine bases are excellent products if you want to customise the nicotine strenght of the juices you enjoy vaping.

Attention Dear Customers: we are in the process of changing our bottles from 50ml to 100ml only, so you might notice variation of bottle Sizes while we transition all the flavours and nicotine strengths. You will get double the volume just for extra $7.

You can vape 6mg NICOTINE ON ITS OWN, as its quite mild. You could also mix it with other Non-nicotine eliquids to make under 6mg nicotine juices, as per table below:6mg nicotine convertion tables



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Product Description

USP Propylene Glycol, USP Vegetable glycerine, Pharmaceutical grade nicotine.

PG/VG ratio: 40/60

Strength:  6mg Nicotine.

Available size: 50ml and 100ml.

Ingredients: USP grade Propylene Glycol, USP grade Vegetable Glycerine and Nicotine.

Packaging: Child proof glass bottles. Dark blue. Tampered evidence caps. Strong labels.

Quality assurance

Australian made and tested eliquids produced in a Clean Laboratory by “Eliquid Australia”.

Eliquid Australia has been certified with ISO 9001:2015 for its quality management system. Manufactured following standardized processes, procedures and quality controls.

Each recipe has been carefully designed to suit your palate. All batches are registered to keep trace-ability of our products.

Made with high quality and pharmaceutical grade ingredients: USP Propylene Glycol PG, USP Vegetable Glycerine VG, Nicotine.

Trust Australian quality – We are the real deal: Vaping our Premium eliquids you feel the real flavour, smooth and delicious hit. 


Its highly recommended to wear protective tools when mixing your own e-liquids. Always do it in a well-ventilated area.

Reduce the strength of high nicotine bases to lower nicotine strengths. The highest recommended nicotine strength for smooth vaping should be 18mg (1.8%).

When mixing your own ejuice make sure you use our flavor concentrates. The recommended percentage of concentrates to be added to the mix to make a balanced e-liquid flavor is between 8% and 12%.

Warnings !

Contains flavourless 6mg (0.6%) Nicotine.

Keep out from Reach of children, pets and unaware adults,

Avoid direct inhalation or being absorb through skin,

Use following proper instructions, recipes, DIY tools and facilities.

First Aid !

If in contact with skin, proceed to wash with Saline solution or running water.

If in contact with Eyes, proceed to rinse Eyes with water in 15 minutes.

If inhaled, leave the area or seek medical advice.

If taken Orally, do not induce vomiting without contacting a doctor or poison center If any untoward incidents of overexposure, dial emergency.

Additional Information


12mg, 18mg, 24mg, 36mg, 48mg, Low 6mg


50/50, 60/40, 30/70, 100VG, 100PG, 20/80


100ml, 50ml