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Unflavoured PG/VG base for DIY nicotine e-liquid

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Unflavored PG/VG bases for DIY nicotine e-liquids

Nicotine strenghts:  48mg nicotine,  36mg nicotine, 24mg nicotine, 18mg nicotine and 12mg nicotine. All strengths available in 50ml and 100ml.

These unflavoured nicotine bases are excellent products if you want to customise the nicotine strenght of the juices you enjoy vaping.

Basic Mixing Instructions using Soulblu Doublers:

6mg vaper: Add 25ml of 12mg Unflavoured nicotine base to Soulblu Doubler

12mg vaper: Add 25ml of 24mg Unflavoured nicotine base to Soulblu Doubler

18mg vaper: Add 25ml of 36mg Unflavoured nicotine base to Soulblu Doubler

24mg vaper: Add 25ml of 48mg Unflavoured nicotine base to Soulblu Doubler

Soulblu Doublers are available in 50ml with 25ml content of eliquid, visit soulblu for Doublers

Warning: DO NOT VAPE UNFLAVOURED 24mg, 36mg or 48mg NICOTINE ON ITS OWN. Its only available for experienced vapers making their own e-liquids.

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Product Description

Propylene Glycol and vegetable glycerine, nicotine mix, PG/VG ratio: 50/50, 70/30 or 60/40 ratio

Strength: 12mg, 18mg, 24mg, 36mg and 48mg Nicotine.

Available size: 50ml and 100ml.

Ingredients: USP grade Propylene Glycol, USP grade Vegetable Glycerine and Nicotine.

Packaging: Child proof plastic dripping bottle. Tampered evidence caps.

Australian handmade and tested eliquids produced by Eliquid Australia pty ltd – The only Australian manufacturer of e-liquid which has standardised process and quality controls during the production of e-liquids. Trust Australian quality, Vape Eliquids Australia Pty Ltd!!!

When you Vape our Premium eliquids you feel the real flavour and delicious hit, resulted from the blend of high quality Australian and imported ingredients (Pharmaceutical grade: Propylene Glycol PG, Vegetable Glycerine VG, Nicotine).

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12mg, 18mg, 24mg, 36mg, 48mg


50/50, 60/40, 30/70


100ml, 50ml