Sub ohm vaping (also known as cloud chasing) is a type of vaping that uses specific liquids and equipment to produce large clouds of vapour. Users enjoy Sub Ohm vaping because although the flavour and vapour production are increased dramatically, the sensation is very gentle on the throat. Most users inhale the vapour produced in one long continuous draw, straight into the lungs (also known as Direct to Lung).

When Sub-ohming you MUST have:


  • Sub tank, including coils which resistance is typically under 1.0 Ohm
  • Sub coil, with small resistances – under 1.0 Ohms
  • Powerful device ranging from 20W to 230W or higher.
  • E-liquids containing High VG%, 60 – 80%, or more.


What is sub-ohm liquids?


The main characteristics of subohm juices are:


PG and VG are the two main ingredients in e-liquid. PG simulates the scratchy feeling at the back of the throat, often enjoyed by people who are looking for a cigarette replacement. VG is very smooth on the throat and produces big clouds.


While traditional eliquids uses relatively larger percentage of Propylene glycol PG% (50-60), sub-ohm eliquids tend to be mixed with higher Vegetable glycerine VG% (60-80), making the vaping experience a huge cloudy event.



Unlike Traditional nicotine eliquids, normally containing nicotine strength very close to the smoked in branded cigarettes (3mg to 18mg), subohm eliquids contain very small percentage of nicotine (max 6mg). As the coils contained inside sub-ohm tank enhances the nicotine strengths, a sub-ohm juice with nicotine higher than 6mg will be unbearable to vape and feels too harsh on the throat.


Soulblu NZ has made available subohm juices containing 20/80 PG/VG with nicotine contents 3mg and 6mg.


Key difference between classic vaping VS sub ohm vaping ?

Classic vaping is designed to mimic the sensation of a normal cigarette, thus giving you a powerful throat-hit and allows for higher nicotine percentage suitable for satisfying heavy smokers. Non Sub-ohm tanks normally offer a Lung to mouth Vaping experience.


Sub-Ohm vaping is a much smoother draw, more comparable to Shisha for example, which is only available in much lower nicotine strengths, such as 0mg, 3mg or 6mg, due to the amount of vapour or ‘cloud’ that one would receive. Sub-ohm tanks normally offer Direct to Lung vaping.


Sub-Ohm devices require a MAX VG e-liquid. This ratio is usually around 80VG:20PG, whereas classic e-cigarettes require a higher PG e-liquid, usually with a ratio of roughly 70PG:30VG. This is due to the varying resistances running through the coil inside different devices.



Why is subohming is getting popular?


The main reasons why Sub-Ohming has become so popular are:

1. Much denser clouds due to a high VG liquid, which in turn mean that there is a totally different inhalation/exhalation sensation compared to both classic vaping and cigarette smoking.

2. High VG liquids hold more diversity with regards to complex flavour combinations.

3. Due to the density of the cloud, one can taste much more flavour of the e-liquid while Sub-Ohming, compared to classic vaping.

5. More diversity with airflow, types of coils, wire, cotton, wattage etc, so much more input and creativity permitted for individuals.


If you love big clouds when vaping and have intentions to reduce the amount of nicotine in your e-liquids, then sub-ohm vaping is for you. Just remember you will need to get used to Direct to Lung draw, as most sub-ohm tanks are designed for that type of vaping.