Basics about ecigs

e-cigarettes, e-cig, vaporiser ?

Electronic cigarettes are the real and most effective alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. This innovative battery powered device, which provide the same tactile experience and can be inhaled and exhaled like a normal cigarette, is causing a lot of revolution around the world, as they are modern, cleaner and safer when compared to analogue smokes, pipes or cigars.

Electronic cigarettes | e-cigs | ecigarettes typically named in countries such United Stated and Europe as electronic vaporiser, smokeless cigarettes, electric smokes, electric cigarettes, or e-smokes are formed by a battery and a cartomisers (or cartridge and atomiser), which look like a tobacco cigarette when screwed together.

How successful e-cigs are?

Amazing electronic cigarettes have an extremely high success rate for smokers that have been looking for an alternative to smoking, as they still get the hand to mouth action as well as inhaling and exhaling vapour – Unlike traditional cigarettes, e-cigs do not deliver toxins and harmful chemicals, there is no presence of smoke, offensive odours or second hand effect, and best of all, they can be used indoors or anywhere smoking has been banned.

When switching to electronic cigarettes you enjoy the experience without feeling guilty about the consequences related to smoking.

Using an e-cigarette!

When using electronic cigarettes you don’t need to light them by using matches or lighters as they do not work under the combustion principle; neither they burn weed or paper. Ecigs work by the power delivered by rechargeable batteries, which warms up the e-liquid contained inside the cartomiser at a low temperature, releasing a harmless vapour, which quickly disappear into the air without leaving trace of smoke or unpleasant odours on your clothes, mouth, hands, hair and surroundings.

The action of Vaping!

Although you inhale and exhale, vaping is different from smoking! Unlike smoking, puffing hard will not create bigger volumes of vapours, so this is the right way to vape:

First, puff long draws at a slow pace for about 5 seconds, then inhale and exhale.

Second, get two or three primer puffs, especially if using a new cartomiser.

The more you practice this technique the better vaper you will become and bigger volume of vapour will come from your mouth.

E-cigarettes costs

Not only you stop taking the harmful by-products from smoking, but also you start saving thousands of dollars that can be invested in treating yourself.  While you normally spend $300 to $420/month in traditional cigarettes and lighter, you will not spend more than $90 when you switch to Electronic Cigarettes. See how much you can save.