Basics of E liquids

Soulblu New Zealand offers excellent quality nicotine eliquid flavours. The amount of flavours available is increasing every month. Currently there are  7 ranges of eliquid  flavours:

1. Tobacco range,

2. Rolling tobacco range,

3. Menthol range,

4. Fruit range,

5. Delight range,

6. Drinks range and

7. Unflavoured nicotine range

Choose the flavours that delight your palette the best!

Our flavoured nicotine is a perfect blend of top quality products, imported from around the world including propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, food grade nicotine and food flavouring. Read more information about e-liquids ingredients below:

Propylene Glycol

- The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has determined propylene glycol to be “generally recognized as safe” for use in food, cosmetics, and medicines. It is used in food coloring, and flavoring, as an additive to keep food, medicines and cosmetics moist, and in machines that simulate smoke, although usage in simulating smoking devices is not currently included in the list of uses generally recognized as safe by the FDA.

 Vegetable Glycerine

 – Vegetable glycerine is a chemical compound also commonly called glycerin or glycerine. It is a colorless, odorless, viscous liquid that is widely used in pharmaceutical formulations. For human consumption, vegetable glycerine is classified by the FDA among the sugar alcohols as a non-harmful caloric macronutrient.

 Food Grade Nicotine

It is known to be an additive substance and when ingested in high dosage can be poisonous and deadly, however there has been many researches made by physicians from US, UK and New Zealand concluding about the safety of electronic cigarettes; such it was the research made by Mr Laugensen based on electronic cigarettes containing nicotine, the results  indicated that ecigs containing nicotine are 100 to 1,000 safer than smoking tobacco cigarettes.

These were the findings by Dr Murray Laugensen of Health New Zealand on his research on Electronic cigarettes containing nicotine:

Results: Cigarette smoke is a mixture of side stream smoke and exhaled mainstream smoke. In contrast, the e-cigarette generates no side stream smoke from its (artificially lit) tip. Any exhaled PG mist visibly dissipates to vapor within seconds. Non-smoking bystanders do not find the mist unpleasant. The mist is odourless, and those close by quickly realize it does not have the odour of smoke or the irritating quality of tobacco cigarette smoke.

Comments: Inhaled nicotine in cigarette smoke is over 98% absorbed 6, and so the exhaled mist of the e-cigarette is composed of propylene glycol, and probably contains almost no nicotine; and no CO. (see Figure 3.5) Lacking any active ingredient or any gaseous products of combustion, the PG mist or ‘smoke’ is not harmful to bystanders. The ‘smoke’ or mist is not tobacco smoke, and not from combustion – no flame is lit –and is not defined as environmental tobacco smoke. E-cigarette “smoking” would be permitted under New Zealand’s Smoke-free Environments Act 1990.

“Dr Murray Laugensen research is base on e-Cigarettes that contain nicotine…


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